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Cleaning an Early 20th Century Stamp Box

So this little box is something I was given about 18 years back by a former lovahhh of mine whose family it had come from. At the time, I said something about polishing it up and my former gasped and told me 'no way,' and that the patina gave it charm. Because of that, I… Continue reading Cleaning an Early 20th Century Stamp Box

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Resizing a 1976 Seiko Watch

So, I will be the first to stand up and say I feel like my generation has lost an understanding of some stuff. Most of us don't know how to darn holes in socks anymore or bake a not-from-box cake, but we're not the only ones slacking in the knowledge game. My Baby Boomer mother… Continue reading Resizing a 1976 Seiko Watch

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What the Hell is Aggressively Fancy?

Short answer: a lifestyle blog. Longer answer: a repository of information I don't actively market or promote, but which waits quietly in the interwebz for such a time as someone looking for obscure and niche information may find it and then find other useful stuff while they're here. I also post pictures of my artwork, natch. And the fully long answer? It involves obnoxious anti-corporate rebellion type stuff. Into that? Well, clicky click for more.